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I must admit I still have a little buzz after our win against Cal, but Clay, can you shed some light as to what is going on at Cal?

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I don’t have a lot of insight, but their biggest weakness is a lack of perimeter shooting. Lindsey Sherbert was supposed to be the answer, just as Kelsey Adrian was, but she can’t make a shot. Brittany Boyd is a very good young point guard, but she is not a good three-point shooter—and she’s also a freshman point guard playing big minutes, with all that that implies.

If the losing continues, the focus will shift to Lindsay Gottlieb, naturally, and people will take a harder look at her record at UCSB. That program declined slightly when she arrived, but so did the talent, and she didn’t have time to recruit her own kids. Even so, the Gauchos were somewhat disappointing in her time there, though hardly disgraceful. If the same thing happens at Cal, that might be an indication of something deeper.

On the other hand, if some kids start making threes, things could turn around in a hurry.